Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Starts Sunday, September 12 | 9:00 a.m.

PRAY - Power to Persevere

Andy Stites | Room 109

Together we will study, practice, and discuss categories of prayer found in Scripture to help us build a more robust prayer life with the goal of abiding more fully in Christ.

James (Women's Class)

Jen Burkholder | Room 111

Do joy, patience, and faith seem elusive in the midst of life's trials? Have recent trials in your life revealed new, or ongoing, doubts, fears, or temptations? The past couple of years have highlighted an ongoing season of trials globally, regionally, and personally related to topics such as health, oppression, prejudice, injustice, doubt, and fear. Join us as we engage in an inductive study of the book of James. We will be challenged to look directly at our struggles and sin both personally and as a community. Let us learn from the wisdom of Scripture and one another, how the Spirit is equipping us to endure with faith, patience, humility, and His sufficient grace in the midst of trials.

Theology of the Great Hymns

Pastor Dan | Room 112

We will mine the lyrics of great hymns new and old to profit from the Biblical themes expressed in exultant poetry.

2 Corinthians

Pastor Ben | Rooms 305/307

Together, we'll explore this rich and often overlooked letter where Paul's complicated relationship with the Corinthians enters a new season as Paul seeks to defend his apostleship and remind them of the arrival of the New Covenant and the Spirit's work mean for those who are in Christ.