As committed followers of Jesus, North Park Church seeks to make a difference in the world by showing Christ’s love in both word and deed.  As a result, we equip our members to be faithful witnesses to Jesus Christ and provide opportunities for our members to be engaged in our community.  


Our vision for outreach ministry is simple: Every Christian – a laborer in the fields of God's harvest. We believe the most effective way to reach out with the Gospel is through needs-oriented evangelism, and seek to support these efforts locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.


We are committed to encourage and equip the people of NPC to engage the culture around us – both corporately and as individuals.  NPC seeks to proclaim the Good News through word and deed. Our deeds of love can open doors and establish relationships with others. Through these newly formed relationships, created through acts of selfless service, we are better able to share "the hope that we have" – the Good News of salvation and hope in Jesus Christ. We see ourselves as partners with the Holy Spirit, who alone draws people to believe in and receive the Lordship of the Savior Jesus Christ, all to the glory of the Father.

Local Outreach

Philosophy: We are planted by God in our own community to effectively reach those around us; we are continually in the process of equipping our members to be missionaries sent by God; we are constantly re-examining ourselves as to whether we are merely doing maintenance of existing ministries and members, or whether we are effectively doing the mission of reaching our own community.

Approach: Proclamation- Equipping the body of NPC to effectively share the Gospel; Invitation- Welcoming and assimilating visitors into the body of NPC; Compassion- Encouraging and equipping the body of NPC to engage in service to the local community.

Engaging the Congregation: We have a variety of opportunities available to assist the congregation to be involved in serving and reaching out to the community.

Church Planting

History: North Park Church has longed embraced the planting of new churches as one of the most effective means of spreading the Gospel. We support denominational efforts toward national and international church planting, and have been blessed to be directly involved in our own church plants.

NPC's Church Plants: In 1994, New Hope Church (EPC) was planted in the Marshall-Shadeland community on Pittsburgh's Northside. It has developed a distinctive community development approach to ministry. In 2006, Gateway Community Church (EPC) was planted in the Slippery Rock community, reaching out intentionally to the college student population while serving the needs of the general community. These churches serve very different communities and have very distinct missions and goals, but each church plant maintains the core values and convictions of North Park Church.  Maintaining vibrant relationships with each church through our continued partnership and support provides a variety of opportunities for our members to "flesh-out" our faith in very diverse ways. 

Open Table

North Park Church partners with Open Table ministry to transform poverty through community.

Open Table employs a communal model to assist people at financial risk, believing that people need a network of deep, caring relationships to succeed. As a result, each table is composed of a team of 6-12 people who surround a "brother" or "sister" and help them accomplish their goals. Such goals often include securing employment, establishing stable living conditions, acquiring transportation, etc. The table team - drawing on its collective wisdom and life experience - empowers the individual to conquer the hurdles that have kept them from accomplishing these life goals and encourages them as they face setbacks of various kinds.

Interesting in joining?

Here are a few things you should know. First, Open Table is a year-long commitment, which is the length of time necessary to form deep, trusting relationships with a brother or sister and encourage lasting change. Second, weekly meetings run only one hour but are often held on weekday evenings or whenever the brother or sister is not at work. Third, you do not need to have any special skills or knowledge to participate. Your presence, encouragement, and social networks are the things most needed for their success. 

The Open Table ministry has impacted a number of lives in significant ways. In fact, a recent study of Open Table graduates found that 95% were financially self-sustaining or expected to be so in the near future. Watch Jessica's story and see how the Open Table ministry transformed her life.

Do you want to live out Christ's love for those in our community who are at financial risk? If so, please contact Pastor Ben to learn when the next table will begin.


Each year, usually in the winter, we host an Alpha Course. This is a fun and engaging community experience that begins with good food and friendship but also includes deep discussions on faith. It doesn't matter if you are searching for meaning or a member or a church, we'd love to have you join us. Alpha courses are safe experiences for all and it is our goal to make it that way.  If you want to be a part of this unforgettable experience, contact Pastor Ben