Long Term Partners

North Park supports several long-term mission projects in an effort to have an enduring yet focused investment in taking the Gospel to the nations in the following places.

Agape Unlimited, Inc.

Sierra LeoneEduNations- Sierra Leone
In conjunction with other churches in our Presbytery, North Park Church has supported the work of Edunations to build a school, a medical clinic, and plant a church in Rokassa, a village in a predominantly non-Christian area.  

North Park Church has also partnered with the Philemon Project in Beirut, Lebanon to provide a safe, affordable Christian day care to the children of refugees, migrant workers, and the working poor.  See the following link for an overview of this important ministry:  Video

Though Russia has been slowly shutting out western missionaries in the past few years, North Park church continues to support some local church planting pastors and the work of another agency that provides medical care to the rural poor and cares for abandoned orphans and the elderly.

HaitiLiving Stones Reformed Missions (Haiti)
North Park Church has been supporting the work of Living Stone Reformed Mission (http://lsrmhaiti.org/), which ministers in Gonaives, Haiti.  Over the years, North Park has helped the mission complete the building of a school, a seminary, and a church building in order to advance the kingdom of God in Haiti.