Children's Membership & Baptism

Children's Membership & Baptism

Covenant Baptism

As Presbyterians, we view our children as essentially being part of the church family until such time as they may opt-out by their own choices. Therefore, we apply to our children the covenant sign of water baptism. This is preferably done as soon as possible.

Once baptized, a child is regarded as a "baptized member." Note that we only baptize children who have at least one parent who is an active member of our church.

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Confirmed Membership/Communion

It is our longing to see our covenant children come to a place where they are able to personally confess faith in Jesus. When a parent feels a child has reached this point and is able to make a credible profession before the elders, this is the time for an interview to be admitted to the Lord’s Table and to the confirmed membership of the church. Parents may call the office, contact the Senior Pastor or approach any elder about this.

Children's Membership Manual

For parents who desire to assist their children in preparing for confirmed membership, a children’s membership manual has been developed. This is a home-study version of a communicants class, covering the basics of the gospel, what baptism and the Lord’s Supper are about, and what church membership involves. The use of this material is offered at no charge and is entirely optional.

Children's Manual | Parents Guide

Adult Membership

Young people at NPC, once they turn 16, will be encouraged to attend either the regular adult membership courses or special teen membership classes, when offered. Upon completion of the class requirements, a teen who desires to become a full adult member will be interviewed by at least two elders. If the teen has already been approved for communion and membership this will simply be a teen shepherding checkup, otherwise, it is a regular membership interview.

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