Vision statement for

North Park Church

As our God gives us grace, together we will grow to be a

church that responds to God's love and therefore:


(Relate to God)

  • Delights in God, as we extol His greatness and celebrate His grace.
  • Pursues God through Biblical education for children, students, and adults.


(Relate to one another)

  • Love one another, providing care, growth and accountability in quality small groups and other contexts.


(Relate to the world around us)

  • Advances the gospel of Christ through proclamation, compassion, and service both locally and globally.

The Core values of north park church

(Approved March 12, 2012)

  1. CHRIST - Jesus is the preeminent, the One from whom, through whom and unto whom are all things.
  2. TRUTH - God's word is powerful and is to be learned, loved, and lived.
  3. DEPENDENCE - God is the Source of all our strength, wisdom and love; therefore we pray.
  4. THE LOST - Both near and far, unbelievers matter to God and to us.
  5. FAMILIES - Healthy marriages and children are vital to God's mission in the world and we focus on both to glorify God.