Children's Ministry

If you would like to volunteer in the nursery or with any of our other children's programs, please contact Jill Benson, Director of Children's Ministry at jillbenson@northparkepc.org.

Student Ministry

If you would like to become an adult leader in our Student Ministry program, please contact Taylor Brown at taylorbrown@northparkepc.org.

Music & Worship

If you would like to be part of our Music Team, or if you would like to help run the sound on Sunday mornings, please contact Brooke Hopkins at brookehopkins@northparkepc.org.

Outreach & Missions

If you are interested in any of our missions or outreach endeavors, please contact the church office at info@northparkepc.org.

Other Opportunities

If you have interest in any other volunteer opportunities at North Park Church, please contact the church office at

(412) 367-5000 or info@northparkepc.org.


We are searching for a new Communications Secretary whom is adept with Publisher, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Pro Presenter and Microsoft Word and Excel. Experience in the creation of brochures, newsletters, manuals, posters, booklets, signs, bulletins, maps, cards, etc. is desired. This position is hourly and part time. Please see attached document for the complete job description. You can apply to Diana Rush, Office Manager at dianarush@northparkepc.org. We look forward to hearing from you.